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We are honored to serve the Spearfish community with premium eye care services. Our trained and experienced optometrists are here to improve your vision efficiency and ultimately your quality of life by providing prescription glasses and contacts to fit your needs. Finding the right frame for your personality and style will be easy with our vast selection of exclusive eyewear and optical stylists to assist you in discovering the perfect fit.

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Dr. Randolph has spent his time curating a unique and expansive collection of independent eyewear lines for you and your family. To explore the full collection of prescription glasses and sunglasses, visit our boutique optical.


Moscot is a family owned brand of glasses and sunglasses based in New York City. Iconic designs + 100 years of optical experience.

Kirk & Kirk

Kirk & Kirk is a husband and wife team who brings excitement back to optics. Award winning designs + family owned and operated.

Caroline Abrham

Caroline Abrham Nisan optician trained designer creating beautiful and sensual collections for women. Diverse materials + award winning designs for both adults and children.


Between the constant use of digital devices and the stress of your busy life, your eyes are working harder than ever. Eye Love Spearfish is proud to offer the Neurolens®. A state of the art lens that relieves headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and even eye strain. To learn if NueroLens® This state of the art technology relieves headaches, neck/shoulder pain and eye strain that many people experience because of the use of digital devices, reading, or doing detailed work.

Contact Lenses

Before we match you with the appropriate lens, we will conduct a brief lens exam to make certain you receive exactly what your eyes need.

Daily Total 1
Daily Total 30
Biofinity Toric
Biofinity MultiFocal
Precision 1
MyDay Toric

“The frames are beautiful and the best selection I’ve seen. They even carry a brand that I love for my kids! Dr. Randolph explained everything so well and it was a great experience. I can’t wait to pick out a pair of frames from their amazing selection!”

Becky S. | Facebook