Eye Love Spearfish

What We Do

Eye Care Services

At Eye Love Spearfish, we provide a variety of eye care services such as vision therapy, pediatric therapy, glaucoma evaluations, routine and comprehensive eye exams, diabetic eye exams, dry eye evaluations, contact lenses, eye frames and glasses, and surgery co-management!

Not sure where to begin? Give us a call and we’ll talk with you to understand your current needs and make a recommendation on what actions need to be taken to lead to a lifetime of healthy vision.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

All comprehensive eye exams are not the same. Our approach to eye care involves the entire health of your eyes. We understand how important healthy eyesight is to leading a happy and fulfilling life so we’ve made it our mission to ensure every step of our eye exam process was built to give us the most accurate and detailed understanding of your eye health as possible.

Our Approach

While the length of an eye exam can vary, all eye exams at Eye Love Spearfish begin with a conversation. Dr. Randolph will take the time to get to know you, your medical history, and any prior health concerns you’ve had. In addition, he’ll work to understand your lifestyle and your goals when it comes to the health of your eyes.

During the exam, a variety of painless tests will be run to form a complete understanding of how your entire eye is functioning. Following the examination, Dr. Randolph will provide a full report of his findings and what treatments or actions need to be taken.

If you are seeking new glasses or contact lenses, a brief eye exam may be required to determine the proper prescription.

Vision Therapy

Dr. Randolph completed a year-long course in Vision Therapy, taught by international lecturer and teacher, Robert Sanet FCOVD, OD. He’s excited to bring his expertise to Spearfish, SD and to you and your family!

All age groups can benefit greatly from Vision Therapy (VT). VT is like physical therapy for the eyes, prescribed and supervised by an optometrist.

This evidence-based practice aims to treat vision problems and make eyes work together more efficiently. VT can alleviate and prevent problems such as eyestrain, headaches, lazy eye, binocular vision problems, eye turns and more. Sessions tend to take place once or twice a week for 30-60 minutes but the time and consistency of VT is customized to meet the needs of the particular individual. At-home vision therapy is also an option for some of our clients.

To start your Vision Therapy journey, schedule an appointment today!

Pediatric Care

You shouldn’t trust just anyone with the health and safety of your child’s eyes. Dr. Randolph and his team are hyper focused on pediatric eye care. From early diagnosis to revolutionary treatments, you can rest assured your child is receiving the best eye care possible.

Pediatric eye care includes anything from eye exams to diagnosing and treating serious eye conditions. This practice is extremely important for all of your children, even those who appear to have normal vision.

It can be difficult to determine if your child has strong vision. This is why we encourage yearly eye exams. Our practice can help determine early signs of vision problems and prevent serious vision impairments. Untreated vision problems can lead to academic challenges and can prevent your child from achieving their greatest potential. We are here for you to ensure your child’s vision is progressing the way it should be.

State Of The Art Technology

Dr. Randolph provides the highest quality eye care services with the help of our advanced systems.

The OCT Maestro system combines a high resolution color non-mydriatic retinal camera with the latest OcT technology which helps us to determine and detect various eye conditions and diseases.

Our cutting edge NueroLens® technology allows us to identify eye misalignments, acquiring over 10,000 data points from each patient.

Our Optikam’s device obtains eyewear measurements the take into account how the frames you’ve chosen will be worn once received. This “as-worn” measurement improves the overall fit and feel of the frames resulting in a more comfortable pair of glasses!

“Dr. Randolph and his wife are genuine professionals! They are so good with every member of the family and all of their equipment is state of the art. They have an awesome selection of glasses for adults and kids. Would absolutely recommend them to anyone and we will continue seeing them from now on!”

Justin T. | Google